Towards support systems for independent living: technology and user perspectives

The notion of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) refers to the everyday essential activities a person performs with the goal of well-being. The extent to which a person is able to perform these activities indicates her functional status and it becomes a particularly relevant measure for older adults. The latest developments in the fields of sensor networks (both wired and wireless) and intelligent reasoning have allowed enhanced ADL support inside user’s home involving healthcare professionals, hospitals, end-user organizations, local councils and the families of the persons in need of ADL support. Despite the fact that the domain is relatively new and the market not fully developed, there is a substantial number of projects and commercial services that provide ADL support utilizing cutting edge technologies and users’ personal devices.
This workshop aims to provide a discussion framework towards enhanced ADL support for older adults with mild to moderate cognitive impairments, physical impairments (in particular COPD) and healthy individuals. It will focus on:

  • State of the Art, namely the current landscape of assisted living projects, their innovative approaches and drawbacks
  • Interaction and service design concepts that view ADL support systems from a user’s perspective.
  • Technology back-end such as wearable and non-wearable sensors monitoring users’ vital signs, domotics systems monitoring critical in-home parameters, notification systems sending relevant data to medical experts or family members, etc.
  • Independent reasoning based on novel data acquisition, data gathering and data mining techniques.

Experienced professionals and researchers in the field will discuss innovative approaches and pinpoint the current gaps in the field with the goal to contribute to the development of a roadmap for enhanced ADL. The workshop will stimulate open discussions and exchange of participants’ personal experience and insights.


13:00-13:30: Introduction to ICT for independent living and the eWALL project

  • Welcome and Introduction (Prof. Ramjee Prasad)
  • eWALL and the wider European perspective on ICT for Ageing (Horst Kraemer, EC)
  • Introduction to the eWALL project (Prof. Sofoklis Kyriazakos)

13:30-15:00: Landscape of current projects and user-centered design

  • User perspective of activities of daily living (Stine Veje Hangaard)
  • Landscape of assisted living projects (Angeliki Angeletou)
  • Towards an easy-to-use application for healthcare monitoring and coaching, in the home environment: eWall principles of user experience (Cristian Bara)
  • Privacy and legal aspects of monitoring solutions (Matthias Pocs)

15:00-15:30: Coffee break

15:30-16:30: Technology aspects for independent living

  • Automatic caring for the needs of elderly: eWALL sensors and signal processing (Dr. Aristodemos Pneumatikakis)
  • Sensor-based improved ADL (Prof. Octavian Fratu)
  • RF-based tracking of humans (Prof. Liljana Gavrilovska)
  • Integration, optimization and verification of eWALL (Prof. Dina Simunic)

16:30-17:30: Interactive session

  • Parallel working groups on different aspects of the workshop